About Black History in Action: Cambridge

Anchored by the leadership of African diasporic families in Cambridgeport, St. Augustine's has ecumenically served a diverse and multi-ethnic community for decades. Reverend Miriam Eccles became the first woman ordained in the AOC, serving as an inspirational community leader for many decades.

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Our Team

  • Kris Manjapra, Director
  • James Ikeda, Historical Research Associate
  • Gabe Cira, Project Architect
  • Rev. Charles Eccles, St. Augustine’s Church
  • Aubrey Hartnett, Community Programming Associate
  • Rania Kadafour, Administrative Associate
  • Maggie McNally, Treasurer
  • Deeksha Deshpande, Research Associate
  • John Shetterly, Clerk

Board Members

  • Margaret Burnham, Northeastern School of Law
  • Tony Clark, My Brother’s Keeper
  • Charles Eccles, St. Augustine’s African Orthodox Church
  • Edward Eccles, St Augustine’s African Orthodox Church
  • Penny Outlaw, Partners in Health
  • Paula Paris, History Cambridge
  • Melony Swasey, Good Boston Living Realty
  • Janie Ward, Simmons University

Partner Organizations

  • Cambridge Arts
  • Cambridge Community Foundation
  • Cambridge Redevelopment Authority
  • Massachusetts Cultural Council
  • 1772 Foundation
  • Cambridge Community Center
  • Cambridge Foundry
  • Cambridge Families of Color
  • Cambridge Historical Commission 
  • Cambridge Women’s Commission
  • Ulrich’s band/organization
  • De Novo Center
  • Tempo International 
  • Step Into Culture

Support us: invest in Black futures!

Invest in our work! 100% of your donation goes towards our mission of community-based reparation, the fight against Black displacement caused by gentrification, and the creation of the new Space for Black Exuberance at St. Augustine’s.

Credit card donations can be sent via the secure link below. To donate via check, please mail it to the address below:

232 Pearl Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Donations are tax deductable; BHAC’s tax ID/EIN is 85-2043123.