About Black History in Action: Cambridge

Anchored by the leadership of African diasporic families in Cambridgeport, St. Augustine's has ecumenically served a diverse and multi-ethnic community for decades. Reverend Miriam Eccles became the first woman ordained in the AOC, serving as an inspirational community leader for many decades.

Our Team

  • Kris Manjapra, Director
  • Deena Bhanarai, Historical Research Associate
  • Gabe Cira, Project Architect
  • Rev. Charles Eccles, St. Augustine’s Church
  • Aubrey Hartnett, Community Programming Associate
  • Maggie McNally, Treasurer
  • Rohini Roy, Strategy Development Associate
  • John Shetterly, Clerk

Board Members

  • Margaret Burnham, Northeastern School of Law
  • Tony Clark, My Brother’s Keeper
  • Charles Eccles, St. Augustine’s African Orthodox Church
  • Edward Eccles, St Augustine’s African Orthodox Church
  • Penny Outlaw, Partners in Health
  • Paula Paris, History Cambridge
  • Melony Swasey, Good Boston Living Realty
  • Janie Ward, Simmons University

Partner Organizations

  • Cambridge Arts
  • Cambridge Community Foundation
  • Cambridge Redevelopment Authority
  • Massachusetts Cultural Council
  • 1772 Foundation
  • Cambridge Community Center
  • Cambridge Foundry
  • Cambridge Families of Color
  • Cambridge Historical Commission 
  • Cambridge Women’s Commission
  • Ulrich’s band/organization
  • De Novo Center
  • Tempo International 
  • Step Into Culture

Support us: invest in Black futures!

Invest in our work! 100% of your donation goes towards our mission of community-based reparation, the fight against Black displacement caused by gentrification, and the creation of the new Space for Black Exuberance at St. Augustine’s.

Donations are tax deductable; BHAC’s tax ID/EIN is 85-2043123.